Please Business Cosmetics, Revlon annexed Elizabeth Arden

By way of unexpected revlon Inc. hit the market through acquisitions.

Acquired Revlon cosmetics manufacturer Elizabeth Arden Inc. of US $ 870 million to boost capability and prestige began to slow. Revlon Elizabeth Arden bought for US $ 14 per share.

This price is 50% higher than the price of Elizabeth Arden in the stock market of $ 9, 31.

Smenguasai Revlon Elizabeth Arden shares through a cash transaction.

"We see no chance of a great improvement from Elizabeth Arden," said Revlon CEO Fabian Garcia written by Bloomberg, Friday (06/17/2016).

Revlon Elizabeth Arden will pay with cash on the debt acquired Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. for US $ 2, 6 billion.

Based on the calculation of Revlon, the acquisition of which would be followed by a merger could save expenses reach US $ 140 million.

The efficiency that comes from merging operations, business networks and boost sales.

This acquisition gives business portfolio in the business Revlon perfume and skin care as core business Elizabeth Arden.

Garcia vote, acquisitions and mergers will expand the reach of Revlon in the global market.

Now Elizabeth Arden's sales in China as well as the location of Asia posted strong growth. To be sure, the acquisition came as a surprise investors.

This is because the latter harga revlon preached would be the object of acquisition, not vice versa.

Elizabeth Arden touted to be bought by South Korean cosmetics manufacturer, LG Household & Health Care Ltd in 2014.

But all parties did not reach 2 slices of said agreement. The acquisition of the Elizabeth Arden Revlon so one among businesses survive in the business competition heats up.

Revlon operating start since 1932, can record profit of US $ 11 million on sales of US $ 439, 6 million in the first quarter of 2016.

Revlon tight competition with L'Oreal and Estee Lauder.

targeting digital

Elizabeth Arden perfume brands that generate Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Elizabeth Taylor is still posted a loss of US $ 28, 4 million on sales of US $ 191, 9 million per March 2016.

The popularity of the artist as an icon Elizabeth Arden can not boost sales throughout the two years. the last.

Elizabeth Arden fragrances, Body product sales as well as skin treatments in 120 countries.